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Postdoctoral & Research Associates 0

Post Doctoral Associates and Researchers paid monthly via direct deposit on the last working day of the month.

2022 Monthly Pay Schedule

To ensure an accurate pay, all University of Pittsburgh Post Doctoral Associates and Researchers are responsible for:

  • Providing all information required to issue accurate payments, e.g., current address, direct deposit information, tax forms, etc.
  • Reviewing your payslips and reporting any errors to your departmental Personnel Administrator or the Payroll Department in a timely manner.

The University of Pittsburgh offers Employee Self-Service for securely viewing your payslips and making changes to your address, direct deposit, and Form W-4.

Overview of Pay Statement

Viewing Your Pay Statement

Your current payslip will be available online on your scheduled pay date. Learn how to view your current and prior pay statements by visiting the Employee Self-Service page.


  • Salary: This is your monthly base salary.
  • Retro Salary: Salary due from a prior pay period
  • Ben Credit: The monthly benefit credit for individuals enrolled in medical coverage is reflected in the employer contribution portion of the medical insurance premium. Individuals who do not elect medical coverage receive the $50 credit in their pay.  For more information, please visit the Office of Human Resources website.

Tax Information

US tax information can be found under the US Tax Information page.
Taxation for Foreign Nationals can be found under the Global Payroll pages.

Taxable Fringe Benefits

Imputed Income General

The value of non-cash awards provided to employees may be included in an employee’s compensation at the fair-market value subject to applicable taxes unless they can be excluded as a “de minimis” fringe benefit or other exception. The value of gift cards is always fully included in an employee’s compensation, regardless of the dollar amount.

The most common allowable IRS exclusion is the “de minimis” fringe benefit exception. In general, the IRS will consider a gift, award or prize “de minimis” if it has a small dollar value, is non-recurring, and is not cash or a cash equivalent (e.g. gift cards).

Pre-Tax Deductions

Your benefit and retirement deductions are administered by the Benefits Department in Human Resources.

Individuals are responsible for reviewing the benefit deductions and retirement plan contributions on their pay statement for each benefit plan every pay period.  Contact the Benefits Department immediately if there are any discrepancies. 

Benefit Taxation

The University of Pittsburgh offers a wide variety of benefits to our faculty and staff. IRS section 125 allows for certain employer provided health and welfare benefits to be excluded from wages when calculating an employee’s taxable income. These excludable benefits are sometimes referred to as “cafeteria plans.” Other benefits such as parking and retirement are excluded from income based on separate IRS sections 132 and 403(b) respectively. The deductions for these benefits are subtracted from gross wages prior to taxation. They appear on the pay statement under the pre-tax deductions heading.

Pre-Tax Benefit Deduction
Federal Social Security Medicare PA DC, IN, MD, OH, VA, WV City School PA SUI
Panther Medical plans X X X X X X X
Concordia Dental plans X X X X X X X
Davis Vision plans X X X X X X X
Parking X X X X
Flexible spending accounts:
Healthcare Spending X X X X X X X
Dependent Care Spending X X X X
Parking Spending X X X X
Mass Transit Spending X X X X
Retirement (matched) X X
Supplemental (unmatched) X X

“X” = exempt from tax

Eligibility for certain benefits is determined by job type. Please refer to the Benefits website for additional information.

After Tax Deductions

Deductions listed in this section do not reduce your taxable earnings.

Involuntary After Tax Deductions

Deductions from your pay may be mandated by a court order.  The University complies with the direction of the court for designated amounts. Deductions may be specified in detail by the court or may be based on employee disposable income after other deductions. Generally, the levies remain in effect until the court or other organization indicates that the amount due has been paid in full. The University only accepts changes or suspensions of these deductions from the entity issuing the garnishment.

Involuntary Deductions may include:

  • Domestic relations orders: Child Support Orders
  • Tax levies (federal, state or local)
  • Bankruptcy orders
  • Garnishments for educational loans, including the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (“PHEAA”)

Voluntary After Tax Deduction

Common Voluntary deductions include:

  • Athletic ticket purchases:  Contact the Athletic Department at 1-800-643-PITT (7488) or
  • Pitt internal campaign: Contact Institutional Advancement at or 412-624-5800
  • Credit union contributions: Contact the Greater Pittsburgh Credit Union at 412-621-6800
  • Retirement ROTH
  • Supplemental ROTH
  • Retirement AT (After-tax)

All voluntary deductions must be authorized by you.

University Contributions

This section of your pay statement lists contributions that the University pays on your behalf as part of your benefit package. The contributions are excluded from your income.

University Paid Contributions may include:

  • Health care contribution (Gold, Advocate, Plus, Basic): University’s Employer portion of your Medical plan premiums
  • SS: University’s Employer 6.2% portion of your Social Security Tax Contribution
  • Medicare: University’s Employer 1.45% portion of your Medicare Tax Contribution
  • Long Term Disability: University’s Employer cost for Long Term Disability Coverage
  • Retirement (Pretax/ROTH/AT) ER: University’s Employer contribution for retirement income plans
  • Basic ADD: University’s Employer cost for Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage
  • Basic Life: University’s Employer cost for Life Insurance at one times your annual salary
What action should I take if I authorized a deduction and it was not taken from my earnings?

Contact the initiating department who authorized the deduction. If you are not sure who to contact, submit an inquiry to Payroll.

When is the money credited to an account when an employee authorizes direct deposit?

Payroll deposits are made no later than the actual pay date.

Is it possible to credit part of a paycheck to a savings account and part to a checking account?

No, direct deposits must be made entirely to either a checking account or a savings account.

If I transfer to another Department within the University do I need to complete a new Direct Deposit Form?

No, direct deposit will not change as long as you are in “Active” status.

What action should I take if I lose my paycheck?

Notify your supervisor and the Payroll Department immediately. The Payroll Department will submit a “Stop Payment” to the bank. Payroll will reissue the check after receiving the confirming stop payment notice from the bank.
If you recover the lost check after notifying the Payroll Department but before receiving a new check, do not try to cash or deposit the check. The bank will reject a check with a stop payment order. Return the check to the Payroll Department, and a replacement will be issued.

What does the heading “Taxable Fringe Benefit” mean on my pay statement?

A taxable fringe benefit is the taxable fair market value of a non-cash award given to an employee. The amount may be included in an employee’s compensation unless the benefit can be excluded as “de minimis” or through another exception.

Is it possible to obtain a salary advance or an early release of my paycheck?

Requests for payroll advance and/or early release of paychecks prior to the normal payday will not be approved under any circumstances. If an employee is away during the normal pay date, arrangements should be made with the department administrator to forward or deposit the check.