2017 Local Services Tax Reminder

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Local Services Tax exemption forms expire at the end of each calendar year.  Therefore, University employees who submitted applications for exemption in 2016 and meet the criteria again in 2017 must complete and submit new forms to the Payroll Department.

Biweekly employees, such as Student Workers and temporary employees, who meet the criteria for 2017 and who expect to receive biweekly payments on January 6 must submit new forms before noon on January 4 to ensure that no Local Services Tax is withheld.  Monthly employees who meet the criteria must submit new forms by January 9.

As a reminder, valid reasons for claiming exemption from Local Services Tax are:

–         Multiple Employers

–         Expected total earned income and net profits from all sources within a particular municipality will be less than $12,000

–         Active Duty Military Exemption

–         Military Disability Exemption

For more information, visit http://www.payroll.pitt.edu, select your role, and select US Tax Information from the Pay and Taxes drop down menu.

Forms are available at http://payroll.pitt.edu/employee-forms/ under Local Services Tax Exemption Forms.  Employees should select the municipality in which they are employed.

*NOTE: the Pittsburgh LST exemption form on the Department of Finance website is still the 2016 version.  Employees can use the 2016 form until the 2017 form is available by crossing out 2016 and writing in 2017.