2022 Local Services Tax Exemption Information

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The Local Services Tax exemption forms expire at the end of each calendar year. University employees who submitted an exemption form for 2021 and meet the criteria again in 2022 will need to submit information to claim exemption in 2022. Local Services Tax exemption information is submitted through Single Sign On through Employee Self-Service in Pitt Worx, by selecting Me > Address and Tax Form Changes.

Valid reasons for claiming exemption from Local Services Tax are:

  • If any employee has Multiple Employers and their other employer is withholding LST
  • Expected total earned income and net profits from all sources within a municipality will be less than $12,000
  • Active-Duty Military Exemption
  • Military Disability Exemption

Please do not submit your 2022 form until after January 1, 2022, as we need to clear the exemption for 2021 first. If you have already submitted an online exemption for 2022, please submit again after this date. The 2021 form may still be online, however, until the 2022 form is made available, you may submit this the 2021 form to claim exemption for 2022. Once this action has been submitted in Pitt Worx, you do not need to send any additional information or a hard copy of the LST exemption form.

Biweekly employees, such as Student Workers, who meet the criteria for 2022, should submit new forms by January 10, 2022, to ensure that no Local Services Tax is withheld. Monthly employees who meet the criteria, should submit new forms by January 21, 2022. You may still submit your exemption in Pitt Worx after these dates, however, the change would go into effect for your subsequent pay.

Instructions on how to submit a Local Services Tax exemption through Employee Self Service In Pitt Worx can be found here.

More information about the Local Services Tax can be found by visiting our website, by selecting your role, and then US Tax Information from the Pay and Taxes drop down menu.

For any questions, please submit an inquiry and select Payroll > Taxation and enter “2022 LST Exemption” in the subject line.

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The University of Pittsburgh Payroll Department