Electronic 2021 Form W-2 Employee Consent Needed

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Updates to original announcement as of 4/7/22:

  • Once you are terminated or inactive (no longer have access to Pitt Worx self-service), you MUST create a separate login here directly through ADP. Your Pitt Worx login information will no longer be valid. Once a new login is created with ADP, you will then be able to access your Form W-2 outside of Pitt Worx.
  • NO action is required to receive a paper Form W2, opt-in to receive an electronic version of your W2 at any time if you choose.
  • Newly hired employees will NOT be able to opt-in immediately.  They will be able to opt in 45 days after hire date.
  • Foreign national employees with temporary SSNs are NOT able to opt in and will receive a paper Form W2.
  • Foreign national employees who had a temporary SSN on file when the Forms W-2 were released cannot currently view their 2021 Forms W-2 electronically even after their SSN has been entered into the system.
  • If you did not have taxable earnings in 2022, you will not be receiving a 2022 Form W-2, therefore, are NOT able to opt in.
  • Forms 1042-S for non-resident aliens will be available online to those that opt in for the electronic version and hard copies will be mailed to employees no later than March 15. Please note, the consent process for the online 1042-S is separate from the online W-2 consent.  If you are receiving a Form 1042-S you will be sent a separate notification with instructions to consent to the electronic version.  If you do not consent to the electronic version, a hard copy 1042-S will be mailed to the address on file no later than March 15.  If receiving a paper form please allow two weeks for delivery.


The Payroll Department is excited to announce that employees now have the option to receive their 2021 Form W-2 (IRS Wage and Tax Statement) electronically. We are requesting your assistance in sharing the following information with employees in your area. We will also be sending this information by email to all employees later this week.

The enrollment process is easy using the Pitt Worx system. To receive their W-2 electronically, employees will need to provide their consent. To receive their W-2 electronically for the current tax year, employees must provide consent by December 31, 2021. Otherwise, they will receive a paper W-2 for the current tax year. Below are the instructions on accessing the site to opt in.

While some employees may have elected to receive your W-2 electronically during on-boarding, we need all employees to re-consent as we are using a new system to produce the electronic W-2s. Employees will have the option to choose online OR paper form.

Instructions on how to sign up to receive Form W-2 electronically: 

  • Sign in through Pitt Worx
  • Select “Me”
  • Select “Form W-2 Information”
  • Select “Go Paperless”
  • Change “Receive paperless statements” to “On”
  • Review the consent information and select “I Agree”
  • A message will appear confirming that you are successfully enrolled in paperless statements for Tax Statements

Once employees provide consent:

The employee’s consent will remain in effect until they choose to withdraw their consent or terminate their employment with the University of Pittsburgh. Employees may confirm they have elected this option for electronic delivery by:

  • Select personal icon in the far-right corner
  • Select “Settings”
  • Select “Go Paperless”

Benefits of receiving an electronic W-2 form: 

  • Safer. Reduces the risk of identity theft associated with mailed W-2 forms, which includes the employee’s name, address, and social security number. Reduces the risk of a Form W-2 being lost in the mail. Secures personal information.
  • Faster. Electronic W-2 forms will be available before mailed forms. Employees will be notified in Pitt Worx when their W-2 is available to view and print. Those that do not make the election to receive an electronic form will have paper W-2 mailed at the end of January.
  • Accessible. W-2 statements will be accessible in Pitt Worx whenever necessary by all active employees.
  • Greener. Help us advance our sustainability goals. If electronic consent is provided, a paper 2021 W-2 form will not be printed and mailed.
  • Cost Savings. Save the University paper and postage costs.
  • Downloadable.  ADP, the third-party vendor who manages tax transactions for the University, provides a control number so that employees’ W-2 information can be downloaded to many tax software products which will save time in filing tax returns.

Once the 2021 Form W-2s are available, employees will be able to access via:

  • Sign in through Pitt Worx
  • Select “Me”
  • Select “Form W-2 Information”
  • Select Form W-2 under Tax Statements

When can employees access their electronic Form W-2?

  • An email notification will be sent when the electronic Form W-2 statement is available in Pitt Worx if email notifications are set to “On” under “Go Paperless”.  Email notifications are automatically set to on when consent is given for the electronic Form W-2.  Employees will not receive a paper copy by mail.
  • The University of Pittsburgh is required by IRS regulations to send employees a paper Form W-2 unless they consent to receive their Form W-2 in an electronic format. If employees do not provide consent to receiving their Form W-2 statement electronically, they will receive a paper copy that will be mailed to the address on file in Pitt Worx at the time of print distribution.
  • As a reminder, employees are responsible for updating their personal information in Pitt Worx.
  • Only 2021 and future Form W-2s will be made available through Pitt Worx.

Additional information regarding employee tax documents can be found on the payroll website by:

  • Selecting role type
  • Select “Pay & Taxes”
  • Select “Year End Information”

Separate instructions for terminated employees, or employees that do not have Pitt Worx current access, will follow soon.

To review prior year 2020 Form W-2 electronically, for current and terminated employees, access is granted by providing their consent through this separate link.

If you have any questions, please submit an inquiry and select Payroll > Form W-2/1042-S Questions.

The University of Pittsburgh Payroll Department