TERMS AND CONDITIONS: A confirmation message will be sent to your University of
Pittsburgh email address when changes are made to your direct deposit account

Changes submitted online through employee self-service on the day payroll is processing may not be
effective until the following payday.

By submitting an online direct deposit change, you request and authorize the University of
Pittsburgh to direct deposit any amounts owed for net earnings or expense reimbursements and
therefore authorize and request the Financial Institution to accept the direct deposit
authorization (and/or deletions or corrections to previously deposited amounts) as certified
correct by the University. Financial institutions are required to have the authorized deposited
funds available on pay day at the beginning of regular business hours.

Deposits can be made to only one banking institution and only one account within that banking
institution. Your financial institution must be a member of an Automated Clearing House(ACH) in
order for you to participate in Direct Deposit. If you are not sure, contact your financial
institution. Deposits are limited to either checking or savings accounts.
Partial deposits cannot be processed. Only total net payments can be deposited.

Employees are responsible for the accuracy of the account information submitted and for verifying
that their pay is deposited on payday. The University of Pittsburgh is not responsible for
overdrafts, bounced checks, or any fees, charges or other problems that arise from failure to
verify this information.

Visit the payroll web site at www.payroll.pitt.edu for more information.