Summer Term Payroll Reminders

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Dear Department and RC Administrators,

Since there are many payroll changes at the beginning of each term that affect payroll, the Payroll Department is providing the following reminders to ensure you have important information and resources to assist you in performing payroll related responsibilities for your Responsibility Center (RC) or Department for the Summer Term.

  • Contacting Payroll: Please remind all your employees that they should initially contact their supervisor or department administrator with any salary, pay, or timecard questions. If their supervisor or department administrator is unable to resolve the inquiry, the administrator should submit an inquiry.
  • Review Needed for Every May Pitt Worx Change: Prior to payroll processing, please review the following to ensure that all employees are paid accurately and timely:
      • New Hires – all onboarding and I-9s are completed prior to payroll.
          • I-9 updates need to be validated in Compliance Center and in Pitt Worx.
      • April Terminations approved prior to payroll processing.
      • Transfers are completed accurately.
      • Individual Compensation Plan (ICP) payments – Ensure all ICP payments are approved in Pitt Worx prior to payroll processing.
          • Ensure all payments have a correct end date, which always needs to be the last day of a pay period (not pay date).
          • This includes all summer session, training grants, predoctoral fellowship and postdoctoral scholarship payments.
      • Reminder: Certificate changes that affect taxation cannot be retroactive.
  • Online Resources:
      • Pitt Worx Hub for important Pitt Worx Resources.
      • Payroll Website with a wealth of important payroll information such as: taxation, self-service, deadlines, and other resources to assist you and your employees.
      • Functional monthly payroll calendars with important deadlines are sent via email and available on the department administrator role section of the payroll website.
      • OHR Analytics Dashboard using Tableau – OHR has implemented this analytics platform, which allows you to review data such as headcounts, roster data, and individual employee information.
      • Pitt Worx Chart for late employee action to assist with how to process late changes.
  • Payroll Register Preview: All preview registers must be reviewed. The preview payroll register is an audit requirement for every payroll period.
      • If an employee is overpaid on the preview register, please submit an inquiry on preview register day so that we may remove them from the payroll until the appropriate Pitt Worx action has been submitted and approved. There should not be pay reversals after a preview register day.
  • Off Cycle Quick Pay Requests: We will continue to process weekly quick pay payrolls every Friday (unless there is a holiday) to assist with URGENT off cycle pays. Please only request an off cycle pay when necessary and when it is a hardship for the employee to wait until the following regular scheduled payday, and only after all Pitt Worx actions have been submitted and approved.
      • Please submit inquiry as Payroll > Payroll Service Request.

It is extremely important that you review each employee change in Pitt Worx prior to payroll processing and during the payroll register preview period. This ensures an accurate payroll for your department before the payroll is finalized. We are still processing many pay reversals and off cycle payments.

Thank you for your continued partnership to ensure all employees are paid accurately and timely.

The University of Pittsburgh Payroll Department