Additional Compensation on a Supplemental Earning Form Procedure

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Procedure for Payment of Additional Compensation on a Supplemental Earnings Form

I. Purpose and Scope:

This procedure describes the processes for authorizing and documenting additional compensation payments submitted on a Supplemental Earnings Form (also referred to as an “OSPP” Form).

II. Responsibility for implementing procedure:

University department staff are responsible for preparing the required Supplemental Earnings Forms, ensuring they are properly authorized within the department, forwarding them to the relevant processing area, and maintaining copies on hand.

III. Procedure:

A. Supplemental Earnings Forms must be prepared by the Department Payroll Administrator or other authorized individual in the University department. The forms must be signed by the preparer and at least one other individual designated to authorize the Supplemental Earnings Forms. The Dean’s office has responsibility for establishing the signature hierarchy in the University departments. Staff employee OSPPs must also be approved by the Office of Human Resources’ Compensation Department. Additional authorization and distribution instructions for this form can be found at

B. Supplemental Earnings Form submissions must adhere to the published schedule of deadlines to ensure timely and accurate payment to the employee.

C. Departments are responsible for ensuring that the Payroll Administrator responsible for register review for the employee is notified or receives a copy of the Supplemental
Earnings Form.

IV. Documentation

Supplemental Earnings Form instructions are available by logging on to, MyResources/University Business Forms/Supplemental Earning (under Form Instructions).

Refer to University Policy 07-09-02 for additional information on Supplemental Earnings for staff employees.

V. Records:

The Supplemental Earnings Form is created as a result of this procedure and a copy of the form must be stored at the University department level for a period of three years for audit purposes. The original form is stored by the Payroll Department in the employee’s payroll file. The documents are retained for a period of ten years after an employee leaves the University.