New Administrator Guide

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Payroll is committed to producing an error free payroll every time. For us to fulfill this commitment, we rely on many dedicated staff members throughout the University community. Whether your job involves ensuring that a change is processed on time, submitting employee hours, reviewing turn around documents, or keying information into the Oracle system, you are an essential part of the process in making certain that each University employee is paid accurately and on time.

Responsibilities May Include

  • New Hire Appointments which are automated through Talent Center
  • Time collection, time submission, review of missing timecards, and timecard approval for employees
  • Changes for employees via Pitt Worx
  • Submission and Approval of Supplemental Payments (OSPPs) which are now processed through Pitt Worx as Individual Compensation Plan (ICP)
  • Running and Review of Biweekly and Monthly Payroll Register Reports (Internal Audit Requirement)
  • Review of Level Reports and Labor Distribution Reports

Department Administrator Training Guide

More information to come in 2021.

Important Dates and Deadlines

Adherence to all dates and deadlines is critical in insuring an accurate paycheck for our employees. The Payroll Department processes the following payrolls:

  • Bi-Weekly
  • Monthly
  • UPP2 (University Physician Practice Plan 2)
  • Medical Health Sciences Foundation

Processing deadlines are listed on the Operations Schedule. This schedule is distributed monthly via email. A “snapshot” version, known as the Functional Overview Calendar, is also distributed to payroll administrators via email each month. View the calendar for detailed monthly and biweekly due dates.

Access to University Forms

University Business Forms (UBF) is a convenient online solution for electronically completing and maintaining official University business and financial forms. For UBF access, you will need to log into the portal and have a current forms license.

Payroll Employee Transactions

The Payroll Cycle involves the processing of many types of employee transactions. The following chart indicates the main processing area for each type. Departments should first check with their individual responsibility centers for instructions specific to their area.

Centralized OHR Areas


Faculty Records (Faculty, Graduate Students, Clinical & Other Fellows, Post-Doctoral Fellowships, M.D. Fellows, All Academics, Training Grant Stipends, Pre-Doctoral Fellowships) G-39 Cathedral of Learning
Human Resources (Staff, including All Temps) 100 Craig Hall
Student Employment (Student and Federal Work Study Employees) 100 Craig Hall