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Welcome to the University of Pittsburgh

Welcome to the Payroll Department’s site for new students with Academic Appointments at the University of Pittsburgh!  Students with Academic appointments include Teaching Assistants and Fellows and Graduate Student Assistants and Researchers. Here you will find some basic information about your pay and other related services. If you have any payroll questions, contact us. We will be happy to assist you!

Your Pay

Students with Academic Appointments at Pitt are paid monthly via direct deposit on the last working day of the month. View the calendar for exact dates.  For an annual list of paydays view here.

Self Service

The University of Pittsburgh offers Self Service for securely viewing your pay statements and making changes to your address, direct deposit, and Form W-4.

After your first day of work, we recommend that you login to Self Service to verify the information you provided during the hiring process.

Student’s originally from outside of the Pittsburgh City limits are encouraged to verify that they have provided the address of their permanent residence at the time of hire.  This may be your parent’s address in another PA location or outside of PA.  The address that you provide impacts your local tax withholding.  For example, Pittsburgh has a 1% non-resident withholding tax for students working here temporarily.  If you provided your campus address, or an address for a temporary apartment in the city, this will be considered your permanent address and 3% Pittsburgh residence tax will be withheld.  For more information on how to determine your permanent address, see PA Department of Revenue Publication REV-611. To make changes to the address you provided at the time you were hired, use the Change Address option of Self Service.

Pay & Taxes

Questions about your pay and deductions can be answered by reviewing the My Pay page, while your tax questions can be answered by reviewing the US Tax Information page. Non-residents of the United States working at the University on visas have a different set of tax requirements. Information specific for non-residents is explained on the Global Payroll page.

Once you review which taxes apply to your pay, you can estimate your net pay with the Net Pay Calculator.

Employment Verification

If you are renting an off-campus apartment, your landlord may want to verify your employment with the University.  Information on how you can authorize them to access your secure pay information is provided in the Employment Verification section.