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Post Doctoral Scholars are paid monthly via direct deposit on the last working day of the month.

2022 Monthly Pay Schedule

To ensure an accurate pay, all University of Pittsburgh Postdoc Scholars are responsible for:

  • Providing all information required to issue accurate payments, e.g., current address, direct deposit information, tax forms, etc.
  • Reviewing your payslips and reporting any errors to your departmental Personnel Administrator or the Payroll Department in a timely manner.

The University of Pittsburgh offers Self-Service for securely viewing your pay statements and making changes to your address, direct deposit, and Form W-4.

Overview of Pay Statement

Viewing Your Pay Statement

Your current payslip will be available online on your scheduled pay date. Learn how to view your current and prior payslips by viewing the Self-Service page.


  • Post Doc Scholar: This is your monthly fellowship or grant payment.

Tax Information

US tax information can be found under the US Tax Information page.
Taxation for Foreign Nationals can be found under the Global Payroll pages.

Taxable Fringe Benefits

This section lists the taxable value of University benefits provided to you.

Payroll Deductions & University Contributions

Benefit deductions are administered by the Benefits Department in Human Resources. Post Doctoral Scholars are not eligible for pre-tax deductions.

When is the money credited to an account when a Postdoc authorizes direct deposit?

Payroll deposits are made no later than the actual pay date.

Is it possible to credit part of a paycheck to a savings account and part to a checking account?

No, direct deposits must be made entirely to either a checking account or a savings account.

If I transfer to another Department within the University do I need to complete a new Direct Deposit Form?

No, direct deposit will not change as long as you are in “Active” status.

Is it possible to obtain an advance or an early release of my paycheck?

Requests for payroll advance and/or early release of paychecks prior to the normal payday will not be approved under any circumstances. If a Postdoc is away during the normal pay date, arrangements should be made with the department administrator to forward or deposit the check.

What action should I take if I lose my paycheck?

Notify your supervisor and the Payroll Department immediately. The Payroll Department will submit a “Stop Payment” to the bank. Payroll will reissue the check after receiving the confirming stop payment notice from the bank.
If you recover the lost check after notifying the Payroll Department but before receiving a new check, do not try to cash or deposit the check. The bank will reject a check with a stop payment order. Return the check to the Payroll Department, and a replacement will be issued.